Christmas Lights and Even Better Lights

We went downtown tonight to look at the light display around Mirror Lake. There wasn't as much as we'd expected, but what was there was nice.

Here in town, though, we've got a mighty fine light show that goes on many nights. A local auto dealer has this on their lot. I just love looking at neon, and tonight, i went over and took some video so you can see it, too.
What's cool is that we couldn't see the moisture in the air, but the camera lens did. It gives it a slightly ethereal quality.

Sometime soon, I think I'm going to do that photo essay of all of Lakeland's neon.


that neon thing was so cool!

Christmas 1991, my ex and I took our baby daughter to visit his parents in southwest florida, and it was so weird for we northerners to be looking at Christmas lights in warm, balmy weather -- but the do look beautiful!
Suzanne said…
It still seems weird to have Christmas lights and trees with leaves. The first year, we were even in shorts while driving around to look at lights.

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