Think Good Thoughts

Remember how I had that interview almost two weeks ago, the one that I thought went really well? It seems to be moving forward, but I need good thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday, I stopped in at my former employer for the first time in many months. Why? So I could get the General Manager to fill out a form I needed to qualify for food stamps-a proof that I'd lost my job. The warm welcomes from those still there made me feel very good, there were many hugs and several requests for my phone number. (Side note, why does it seem that everyone in the Lakeland area has had bad phone JuJu the past few months? Nearly all of us had to replace phones!)

The GM turned to me and told me he got a phone call last week asking about me. He didn't get the company name, but told me that they asked A LOT of questions about me, my management skills, my sales abilities, etc. Now, most companies will just verify dates of employment and rehire status. He said he figured that if I was still looking for a job, he felt that he had to help me out and answer her questions. He said they spoke for 15, 20 maybe 25 minutes.

I crossed my fingers that it meant what I think it meant, that the most recent interview was considering me. Phone calls were made to my two business references, but I haven't heard back.

A little while ago, I got a call from my old stomping grounds in Maryland. Due to the volume of work in front of the manager here in Florida, other HR staffers are doing some reference checks, etc. The gentleman explained that they've changed their background check company and he asked if I would fill out a new form and fax it back ASAP. I told him I would gladly do so.

This form is thorough. The only thing that worries me is the credit check. Thanks to the foreclosure and each of us being unemployed in the past year or so, my credit looks like utter crap. It would seriously SUCK if I get this far, only to be turned down because my credit score isn't good.

I know why companies do this-the conventional wisdom is that those in credit crisis *might* be more likely to be a poor employee. Might. It's a pretty strong assumption. Over the years, I've had good credit and bad, but I've been a hard worker and a loyal employee. To me, nothing is worth ruining my good reputation with an employer.

If you can, please spare some positive thinking for me. Please? I know that my DNA, criminal, driving and education records will come back exactly as what they need! Okay, I'm joking, they don't need my DNA, but I'd give it if it helped me to get the job!


Delswife said…
Sending tons of good thoughts!

I'd think that if your credit was icky, they would know you need the job and be more likely to show up, right?

That's how my mind likes to work anyway.
Saffa Chick said…
Holding thumbs and crossing fingers for you!

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