On the First Day of Christmas Break...

The neighbors called and asked for one, and then the other child to come over and play! Woohoo!

Let's just say that Gameboy obsesses about the games so much and isn't asked to play much around the neighborhood. I'm probably a little protective, because he's gullible.
However, when we went around to sell Chef's Popcorn and then Gameboy's Greenery, we met another family with boys around the same ages as mine. A nice family.

Both times I'd visited their house, the two boys hijacked whatever child was selling and Mom, Dad and I would talk for a while. Their kids go to private school, so they don't get a lot of interaction with some of the kids in the area. They share some interests with mine, too.

When we dropped off the greenery, we got to chatting again and exchanged phone numbers. One son has called me a few times to ask for Chef to come play. Today, he called for Chef, then I got another call. I suspect they're going to do something that needs four people.

I get to clean in peace.


that's great. the kidlets get to play and you get some time to yourself.
Mike Golch said…
Ah peace for even a few minuites is a great thing.mau your Christmas be Merry and full of Love,frome Celestine and I.

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