Step Into My Time Machine

This afternoon, I needed a box to ship out an item I sold on eBay. A big box. Off to the garage I go, to see if there was an empty box of the size I required (highly unlikely) or one halfway full that I might relocate its contents (highly probable.)

I found one, half full of various Disney items and the thought that I should eBay the contents of the box crossed my mind. There was a Walt Disney World bag inside this box, and it contained a brand new "Four Parks, One World" photo album-and some pictures.

All aboard the wayback machine to 2001, folks. Today, you get to see Chef as a 2 year old. I though they were from the year before, but he didn't have a lot of curls around his first birthday. These mesh up with the quantity of curls he had on our first two trips to Walt Disney World in April and September of 2001.

Today, you get Chef in all his high chair glory. I'm hoping to find the infamous Cake Monster picture, but these are equally cute. Take a look at the picture of Chef in the top left of the blog banner and you'll see he's still got the same impish gleam in his eyes!


ligirl said…
Ohhhhhh....what happened to mah bay-beeeeee??? I so remember him looking like this...he looks the same now!!! (Except more "grown-up-y"!)
how sweet! they grow up too fast, don't they? in February 2001 I took mine to WDW -- they were 10 1/2 and 8 at the time. noew I've got a high school junior and a college freshman.

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