Things I Want in 2009...

This list is not all inclusive, but is meant as a tongue in cheek request to any rich people who feel like bestowing gifts on random bloggers strangers in the coming year.

1. Ticket to BlogHer '09, Airfare and hotel accomodations
2. MacBook Pro
3. iPhone or Android. I'm not picky, as long as I can blog on the fly, it'll work!
4. A digital SLR. One that has video recording abilities so that I can video tape my gift wrapping demonstration to be posted next Christmas, because I think Jess hates me now!

Wait a sec, can I get on the panel at BlogHer if I offer a gift wrapping seminar?

Let's see if I can videotape a wrapping demonstration tomorrow...


daysgoby said…
Nah, once I slandered you all over Twitter and blackened your name on my blog I felt much, MUCH better.

All ready for the BIG NIGHT?

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