What's For Dinner Wednesday

After making Pastitsio a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I'd make tonight's dinner choice soon. So, tonight's dinner is Cincinnati Chili.

However, only Ed got to enjoy a three way tonight. I'm saving my room for the pizza and other goodies we'll have at Bob and Maureen's. The dough and all the makings are ready to go and we're out the door.

We got to enjoy the Cincinnati style Chili tonight, but it was made on Wednesday. The tradition is that you order it in 'ways'. Allow me to explain

One way (really just spaghetti)

Two way (spaghetti plus Chili)

Three way (spaghetti, Chili and chopped onions)

Four way(spaghetti, Chili, chopped onions, and shredded Cheddar)

If you want a five way, you add beans. I don't like beans in my chili, so I stopped at the four way.

Ed and I have been having a heated debate for years. I believed that true chili is no meat, and Ed insisted that I was wrong, it wasn't chili unless it had beans. I found proof that beans are really considered filler (like bread in crabcakes) and if you put them in your entry to the chili cookoff, you'll be disqualified. That is the definitive answer, my friends.

Meanwhile, last night, we went to Bob and Maureens and ate pizza and appetizers. Here's one of the pizzas I made, Hawaiian to make Gameboy happy.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


daysgoby said…
Happy Happy New Year, lady!
Joyce-Anne said…
So, I was reading and came across Veronica http://somedaywewillsleep.com
BTW, she also writes a food blog.
She's pregnant with her second baby (her older one, Amy, is two. Thought you might like to check her out sometime.

Happy New Year again!!!!!!!!

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