Something's Afoot

After that really good interview and follow up last week, I've been saying to myself that I probably won't get it. It's hard to get my hopes up. Perhaps some of that had to do with the fact that it was the ONLY thing in the pipeline. That's not how things happen for me.

When I left the previous job, I had two things going on. When I left Disney, I had three things going on. It's just the way it works and if that doesn't happen, then I assume nothing will.

Well, today, a few things have happened to make me think that it won't be long.
1. I have a meeting tonight for a sales job that a former coworker pitched to me. It's definitely out of my comfort area, but I figured that I should at least go see what he's got in mind. (I am NOT a fan of cold calling to pitch a product.)

2. Bob sent me an email about a job Maureen found during her job searching yesterday. It combines my experience and education. Better yet, when I called a Prof at my old college to get some information that I needed for my cover letter, he suggested I put his name and phone number for a reference. Sweet.

3. SSDI called. I have to have a physical for them, since the last time I saw a doctor was when I had health insurance. The claims rep was really nice and helpful, informing me that they've got ALL my medical records to make a decision. However, they need to see what the current state of My Stupid Leg (trademark pending) really is.

Maybe Santa heard my request for a new job for Christmas?


Mike Golch said…
Let's hope thing go well for you.
Saffa Chick said…
C'mon Santa - bring that job!

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