What's For Dinner Wednesday

I love the fact that Ed is into good food, too. Once again, he was doing some marketing and spied a cranberry pecan pork roast. Without hesitation, he grabbed it, with Christmas Eve in mind.

I'm glad he did. The cranberry made a nice, tart braising liquid. If you've got an Aldi nearby, the steamed veggies are very tasty. Alas, this roast was one of those seasonal flavors. In talking about it, I think I'll get a plain pork roast sometime soon, marinate it in a cranberry sauce reduction, then stuff it with goat cheese, dried cranberries and pecans. I'll save it for a Wednesday...

Have a Merry Christmas, or 4h Night of Channukah. (The latkes got postponed, but will make it to the table before the festival of lights is over.)


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