The Cover For My Audition DVD

One thing's for certain: I'm happy I've been doing What's For Dinner Wednesday, because it meant I have many pictures of food I've prepared. Which is perfect for when you need to make something stand out:
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My audition tape and application are sitting and waiting until Chef gets home from school. I think it's fitting that he help me mail the packet off.


LceeL said…
Oooooo, cheese and BACON!!!!!! Boy - do you know YOUR way to a man's heart!!
daysgoby said…
SO EXCITED for you! Will cross all bits.
Joyce-Anne said…
I'm so proud! Just think I can say I've knew you when you were a nobody.
Suzanne said…
Lou, everything is better with bacon and cheese! :)

Jess, thanks! I'm a little excited, but strangely calm about doing this.

Joyce, you knew me when I had braces and was very gawky-so you can really say you knew me when!
Grandy said…
The cover is AWESOME!! When you take your show on the road, I want to come be a roadie. K?

Good luck with the submission!! Crossing fingers, toes, legs & eyes for you!!!!

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