The Day Before Christmas Break

The past two days, I have volunteered at Chef's school. The PTO was having a holiday bazaar. It was interesting seeing how the young minds work when presented with various gifts and a budget.

Then you have Chef, who wasn't given any money, and he's bugging Mom to buy stuff for him, Dad and his brother. Today, he even tried to get me to buy my own Christmas gift because he wanted me to have one!

After I ducked out, Ed and I headed over to an FYE that is closing. All the movies and CDs are now half off. No sooner did we walk in the door did Ed see something he's been scoping out online for a ridiculous price. My eBay auctions pretty much got that for him, because I don't want to pay full price later on!

Things are shaping up for some wanted items under the tree. There won't be much, but what is there is things they'll be happy to get.

I'm hoping the teachers are happy, too. Cub scout caramel corn for Gameboy's teachers and some homemade peppermint bark for Chef's. It ends up she doesn't eat nuts, which I didn't find out until after we'd purchased a tin of the scout popcorn for her. It won't go to waste in this house.

As for me, I'm still waiting for the gift I want most. A phone call. One telling me that I've got the job. They told me I would have an answer by Christmas, but I'm getting impatient!

Much like two boys, the day before Christmas break!


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