The eBay Game

The eBay game is when you list a bunch of items and try to predict what will sell and for how much. THEN, the item you thought that might not even sell is the one that has the most bids and most people watching.

I've got a half dozen things up for sale, and will probably put a few more up tomorrow. We're in negative financing each month-there are medications to be bought, electric to be used, food to be fed and all that other stuff day to day. I'm crossing my fingers that all this stuff sells at a decent price.

The added benefit is the removal of excess 'stuff'. I'm thinking that I'll play this eBay game for a while and a bunch of the Disneyana stuff can go to homes that will actually have to room to display it!

This has happened before. Ed sold a bunch of cd's a few years ago and one of mine went for a whopping $37.00. Not bad, considering that I'd purchased it used for 3.99. Sometimes it's good to buy a rarity by a one hit wonder.

Have you ever played the eBay game? Sold something that you figured you'd maybe recoup what you had paid for it, only to have it be the hot ticket of the day?

Next up, checking to see if one of my Disney Art framed posters is for sale anywhere at all. It might fetch a good price and if I can assure myself that I'll earn the price of purchase, I'll put it up. We shall see.

The downside of playing the eBay game is that you want to constantly check on your auctions, to see how they're doing. It's misleading, though, because most of the action happens in the last twelve hours. So, I've got to be patient, playing the eBay game.


Grandy said…
Never sold anything online. I've bought once...and it was scary.
Saffa Chick said…
I've not sold anything either, but I'd like to get Milord to shift some of his vast collection of STUFF online if possible! We're cool for money but man I'd like to declutter my home of the things he's gathered in the 45 years before meeting me ;-)

Don't tell him, but sometimes I whisk a bag of things to the local charity shop without him noticing... LOL

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