I Think I'm Going to Turn My Cell Phone Off

Why do I want to turn my cell phone off? Because the only time is rings lately is:
a. A bill collector wants money
b. A well meaning person wants to know if I've heard anything.

The answer to the questions
a. No job means no money, so bite me
b. Don't you think I'd let you know if I have finally gotten a job?

Yes, I am testy. See this post and you'll understand it a little more. Trust me, it's EVERY FREAKING PERSON I KNOW calling me to ask that damn question.

I know you all mean well, but it doesn't help. Instead, it just drives home that I'm a freaking failure.

/rant off


ligirl said…
OK...point taken! I will wait to hear from you. Love you!
Joyce-Anne said…
I knew the answers to those questions. I'm sorry if I bug you though.

Btw and totally unrelated, Sandy is taking time off from blogging after her last post tomorrow.

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