A Few Hours at Busch Gardens

This morning, we paid a visit to Chef's former cooking school for an open house. (It's only former because we can't justify the expense while I'm not working.) Since we were already over that way, I suggested a trip over to Busch.

Similar to what had happened with Sea World, we didn't make it over to the park in previous holiday seasons, which meant I had to take a picture of the tree on the way in.
Ed's opinion of InBev eliminating the free lovely beverages on January 1st. (Shock Top, btw)
Ed experiencing the 'two drinks, one hand' phenomenon. At which point he decided that one beer was enough.
Next, the boys show us that while chronologically, they are too old for the log flume in Dragon Land, they'll take a spin on it anyway. (Think I can embarrass them with their girlfriends someday?)

The only thing the kids said was a must do today was Jungala. We happened upon the area as the tigers were being fed. Typically, they want to sleep, but today, they were pretty active while we were watching. I got a bunch of pictures:

Then we spent an hour and a half in the kids section while the boys looked for clues for an idol hidden in the area. Ed and I had enough after such a great length of time that we went to where you're supposed to turn it in. It ends up that the kids didn't have complete information. Next time they get 20 minutes-they don't have to track down all 22 totems and clues.

Finally, another striped animal, because the driver on the Rhino Rally was awesome.

There weren't as many decorations as Sea World. Apparently, Busch Gardens puts their efforts in the myriad shows. If you're planning a visit there, be forewarned, you can probably fill a day with the holiday themed shows. We didn't.

Good weather for the park. Hope it's the same when we return to Sea World next.


ligirl said…
These pics are beautiful. Thank you for sharing! It's so good to see all of you...(and the big cats, too!) even if it is only on the Internets. Miss you!!!

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