Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Today, I'm not in the frame of mind for a proper Soundtrack Sunday post. Instead, I'll let the iPod take over in the form of a Shuffle set. Let's see what eclectic musical journey the iPod takes us on today, shall we?

(I'm curious to see if it includes any of my recent additions.)

1. Allentown-Billy Joel, Allentown A good choice-I played this album to death when I got it-and crafted harmonies when Liberty let me down. Not my favorite song on the album, but there really isn't a song I don't like from this release. Scandinavian Skies and Where's the Orchestra rank higher on my personal favorites list.

2. Wormhole-Wendy Carlos, Tron Soundtrack. It's a sign that I let the kids use my iPod, even though they have their own. Whatever algorithms Apple uses to select songs on Shuffle must think that I really like this disc, even though it only gets played when Gameboy has control of my unit.

3. My Melancholy Blues-Queen, News of the World. Title fits my mood right now. I love the retro feel of this song and the prominent piano. Freddy, you were a genius.

4. Hard Promises to Keep, Trisha Yearwood, The Song Remembers When. Good simple song, kind of sad album.

5. Smells Like Cartoon Planet, Space Ghost, Musical Barbeque. The ridiculously funny show that needs to be released on DVD. You Tube shorts aren't enough, but the CD is always good for a laugh. Sing it, Fuzzy :"I'm a little teapot short and stout!"

6.Don't Wanna Be Like That, Joe Jackson, I'm the Man. The British Musical chameleon takes a ska/punk turn with this album. Toe tapping good.

7. We Shall Be Free, Garth Brooks, The Hits. A little preachy, but the message is a good one. Have to agree with everything Garth says.

8. A Nugget of Joy From Zorak, Space Ghost, Musical Barbeque. This is what happens with the iPod sometimes. Two tracks from the same disc in rapid succession.
The nugget of joy?
Zorak: The life of a rodeo clown is a painful and solitary existence. I know, for I am a rodeo clown.
Space Ghost: Oh you are NOT!
Zorak: I am, too!
Space Ghost: You. ARE. NOT!
Zorak: Well...I wanna be one.
Space Ghost: That doesn't count.

9. Veris Leta Facies, Eugene Ormandy, Carmina Burana. Remember how I said I'm the choir geek who blasts choral music at 11 when driving the beetle with the sunroof open? Here ya go. (This one is relatively quiet, though. Ecce Gratum, the next track is REALLY loud!)

10. Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, Riders in the Sky, Woody's Roundup. It's an album based around Woody, one of the main characters in "Toy Story". Not many groups can pull this off, but Riders in the Sky can and look way cool doing it.

11. I Before E Except After C, Yaz, Upstairs At Erics. Not really a song, more of a performance art piece. It's one of the few recordings where you hear Vince Clarke's voice. If you're wondering, Vince Clarke originated Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure. I like hearing Alison Moyet's laugh on here.

12. Beauty Queen, Lash, Freaky Friday Soundtrack. A few of the live action Disney movies geared towards teens have some really good soundtracks. This is one of them.

13. Shattered Dreams, Johnny Hates Jazz, Living In Oblivion The Best of the 80's. This brings back good memories of working at the AM radio station. We were an Adult Contemporary station, and in the course of my 7 hour shift, I'd hear the song a few times while it was on the charts.

14. Christmas On the Air, Joe Student. This must be in the shuffle because Chef and I have listened to my Christmas playlist a lot the past two months! If you want to hear it, I wrote about it last Sunday!

15. The Price I Pay, Robert Cray, I Was Warned. This disc was my first exposure to his music. The man sweats the blues. Listen to the album and maybe your life isn't so bad anymore. Hmmmm...

16. Only the Lonely, the Motels, Living in Oblivion The Best of the 80's. Yet another example of the grouping from albums. Always liked the song, never enough to buy any of their stuff. I was happy that it showed up on this really good 80's rehash disc.

17. Made Again, Marillion, Brave. This is one of Ed and my songs. Acoustic guitar and Hogarth singing builds from a fragile song to a powerful end. Much like the character in the concept album it comes from.

18. My Girl, The Temptations, The Big Chill. A song guaranteed to put a smile on your face. At least for me it is.

19. Mystified, Fleetwood Mac, Tango in the Night. I love, love, love Christine McVie's voice.

20. Give Me Back My Man, B 52's, Wild Planet. Transports me back to being a teen and bugging the Air Line staff for something by the B's! I'll give you fish, I'll give you candy...

How about you? Does your shuffle give you twenty diverse songs?


Geggie said…
I love Yaz, and Marillion, too!
Suzanne said…
Yet another reason why you're so AWESOME! :D

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