A Low Key Christmas

Yesterday was a nice, quiet day.

I woke up at 7:15 to find the kids sitting on the floor staring at me. I told them to let Ed sleep and to have the stuff in their stockings. Miraculously, that was enough for them and when 8am rolled around, Ed awoke and they opened presents.

This year, we've been dealing with Gameboy telling us that he still believes in Santa, despite classmates telling him that it was really Mom and Dad. Somehow, we dodged that situation. We took the boys out Christmas eve to look at lights and kept them up way past their bedtime. Presents had no tags at all and we didn't mention Santa. Thankfully, it didn't come up. (It probably has helped through the years telling the kids that Santa buys things from Nintendo and Apple, because he can't make them as well and/or licensing concerns!)

So, the small piles of presents were things they really wanted and they spent most of the day playing the games. The two movies haven't been opened yet, but I suspect we'll watch both over the next few days.

My day of puttering in the kitchen was most enjoyable. The traditional eggnog pancakes were made and consumed. Then, the sides were prepped. At 2, the turkey came out of the brine and went into the oven. Eventually the ham followed and potatoes were boiled.

We had guests and I was glad to have company. We all were. Ed brought his mom over to visit Jane at the nursing home and we probably would have spent the day there. Personally, I am tired of going elsewhere for every holiday-it was nice to be making food in my kitchen and kibbitzing with friends. Maureen made us oodles of cookies and a pumpkin cheesecake to enjoy for dessert. Coaster Kid and Chef had fun playing with the games CK brought over.

Food and fellowship was enjoyed. Maureen got an iPod for Christmas, but it was shutting down their PC. Knowing we had a little experience with the things, they brought it over to our place. It ends up that it was programmed for Macs! Weird that they didn't get an error message. Discovered that Maureen has equally eclectic music tastes.

After dinner, it was nice to relax on the lanai and talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more. (especially since the house was pretty toasty after cooking all day!) I'd say it was pretty darn awesome in how low key it was.


Mike Golch said…
Tell gameboy that yes there is a santa,and that he uses Mom and Dad to help deliver the presents.
sounds like it was a good christmas.
daysgoby said…
What a great day!

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