The Conundrum

Facebook has revived friendships I thought had been gone forever. It's been cool 'chatting' with friends. One friend started a group for our college radio station, and through that, another handful of friends came back into my life.

One guy, Brian, was an absolute riot. He started at the station a semester before I left, so we didn't get to know each other too well, but this is the guy who you cannot miss in a group of people. He's got everyone laughing.

I made a comment on Brian's wall and now I've got friend request from one of his friends. It's common knowledge that random strangers will friend you on MySpace, but on Facebook, where odds are that you're using your full name? Not so much.

Guess I join the ranks with Joyce and Ed-Joyce getting friended because she's a friend of me and Ed and not of that person, and Ed getting a friend request from someone he met last month for ten minutes. Perhaps others don't look at it the same way-that they're there to make new friends. I'm there to further the connection with current friends and renew old ones. Am I alone in this feeling about it?

We'll leave my puzzlement about the relationship status choices for another day!


Mike Golch said…
friends and reconnecting with old friends,that's how we servie in this silly world sometimes.I hope that you are having a great day.

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