Where Does The Time Go?

When did this

and this

become THIS?

It was just yesterday that I was holding my 9 pound, 11 oz Sweets in my arms (too big for the newborn clothes, mind you) and I blink and he's a TEENAGER!!!!

As such, he's getting a new name here-he is now known as Game Teen.

Happy Birthday, Munchkin-you're not a little guy anymore!


Sara Bonds said…
Awh. Happy Birthday to your Game Teen. My nieces are 20, 13, and 6. I feel like they were just born. I cannot believe how time flies, even when they are not my own children. Then again, I am going 30 and my parents still say this about me. I am the baby of 5 children, and they cannot believe I am going 30. Sweet post. You've got two handsome boys.
Jientje said…
Happy birthday to Game Teen!! I think that name suits him well! Time flies huh?
Joyce-Anne said…
Happy Birthday Game Teen! I remember when you were born. *sniff*

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