Shhh, Don't Tell My Husband, But There's Someone New In My Life

And I've got a picture. It's not the best, but you understand this, right? You have to be sneaky and coy when you're married, but are falling for another...

To be honest, I think Ed's in love with the Keurig already. Two cups of Kona and coveting more? It's a safe bet that the mac daddy coffee machine he scoffed at back in January as a frivolous waste is rapidly taking his heart, too.

Let's see, so far we've tried:
Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee-tastes like Krispy Krack's. I want more and can't wait to try their Xtra Bold K cups that we've got.
Tully's Kona Coffee. Smooth. Definitely buying this one!
Celestial Seasoning's Mandarin Orange Spice Tea-I made Chef a cup of Iced Tea with it and he loved it.
Van Houtte's French Vanilla. Yum! (that is all...)
Gloria Jean's Hazelnut. Ed loved it and I think he's psyched that he's got a box of it that is all his (I like hazelnuts, just not in my coffee)
Green Mountain's Nantucket Blend. It was a good wake me up cup while I was at my meeting the other day.

Chef also had a decaf the other day, but I forget which brand it was.

Apparently, the sampler pack assortment must change. I've had three people tell me that they got a hot chocolate in their sampler and it was watery and nasty. We didn't get any. (and I'm curious on that brand, because I will avoid it.) Donna and I were comparing flavors and hers came with different flavors. Kim, whose blog I won it from, told me that Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee came with hers and it was incredible.

There are sampler packs to check stuff out, and I suspect that we will do that, because we're drinking more coffee. Now that we don't have to clean science experiments out of Mr. Coffee, that is!


Bama Cheryl said…
I got to try one at the physical therapist's office and was hooked. Bought one last week and have had great fun making coffee (usually we go out for a cup rather than drag out the Mr. Coffee). It is wonderful. Haven't played much with the flavor assortment - wish they had more decaf flavors! Enjoy every delicious moment!
Bob said…
Easy on the caffeine please. You know what they say....
Staci said…
I can totally understand your love for it! The hot chocolate is good, but for some reason, all the powder doesn't come out of the cups (you actually have to open them up to get it).
Janna Bee said…
That sounds lovely! Verrry Jealous!

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