Monday's Monkey Wrench

Ed was off from work today and as such, I tried to work as late as possible, with the absolute latest I could pull into the drive at 6pm. As long as we get in 40 hours each week during daylight hours, this is fine. Gameboy and I are going to Animal Kingdom Friday, so my goal was to get my hours in by the time I finished Thursday.

Around 2pm, my head started hurting. I think the combo of the heat and not drinking enough fluid (not sure when I'll get to a bathroom, you know) did me in. At one point, I popped into Sam's Club and got more Naproxen for the car and an Icee, thinking that between the two, I'd cool off, rehydrate and stop the pounding.

Nope. At 5:15, I packed it in and headed home to lay down for a bit. I'd send Ed and Chef Jr off to Cub Scouts and I'd stay home with Gameboy. Ten minutes before departure time, Chef complained of not feeling well.

We've got a sick kid.

At first, I thought he was begging off scouts, because there's Guitar Hero to be played. Within a half hour or so, the glassy eyed look kicked in. Then, as I sat on the couch catching up on emails, he snuggled up on me and fell asleep. Since he was a baby falling asleep on my chest, this is what he does when he doesn't feel well.

The monkey wrench? I'm back to work. Ed's schedule tomorrow is to be to work at noon. What do we do if Chef is still sick?

I think we figured out that I'll come home as Ed leaves for work if Chef stays home from school. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for SSDI tomorrow afternoon-Chef will have to go with me. Then we'll come back home.

I'll finish whatever hours I need to make up on Saturday. It kills the plans to go camping with the Cub Scouts, but we were only going one night because it made no sense to try to head to the campsite after a day at WDW with Gameboy.

At least I've got some flexibility with this job...


Laurie said…
Hope he gets to feeling better soon. I know that glassy eyed look, both my boys get that and I did as a kid.
Staci said…
Hope he feels better soon! We're fighting off the sickies here too.

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