What's For Dinner Wednesday

Recently, we were at the Ikea in Orlando. It was close to meal time and the kids were asking to dine in the restaurant. I was game-I love the Swedish Meatballs. Ed was game for using the pizza dough we had at home. So, we skipped it.

Meanwhile, once it's in my head, eventually I'll have to make a meal. Tonight, it was time. Remind me next time I want them for dinner that it's at least an hour's prep time. This is one meal that is better suited to making on weekend's or when I'm not at work until 6pm!

Recently, I began cooking nightly for the relatives. Special delivery across the neighborhood. (and before you ask-NO, I won't do it for you, unless you want to pay personal chef rates, lol). Twenty minutes after dinner was delivered, the phone rang.

"Where are the meatballs?"
I said "I beg your pardon?"
"There aren't any meatballs in here."
I reply "They're in the gravy."
"No they're not. There's only three in there."
Funny. "Then I guess you ate them all."
"Darn. I was hoping we'd get more if I said that we didn't get any!"


ligirl said…
Oh, my, that looks good! SO much better than the Lean Cuisine version I buy from time to time! Yum!
Jientje said…
You made me crave them!! I'm lucky though, I have some in my freezer!! Guess what we're having for lunch tomorrow!

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