Eulogy for a KitchenAid Mixer

When Ed put the wrapped box under the Christmas tree that year, I honestly was stumped. The shape didn't match up with anything I thought he'd purchase. Game Teen was a baby and we'd focused our energies on his presents (like the Tickle Me Elmo that he would later tackle). Little did I know that Ed's new employer gave out a decent end of year bonus and he knew exactly what he wanted to buy with it.

Christmas Eve, they cut him out of work early and he came and picked me up from work to go grab some last minute groceries. Mema was here to celebrate Game Teen's first Christmas, so we were doing up a nice meal.

In the store, we found the coveted Hershey's Raspberry Chocolate Chips and I grabbed a half dozen, with plans to make cookies that night. Normally, this would have Ed excited (he loves cookies), but he told me that we should just relax and watch Christmas movies. Huh? I'm off at 5 pm on a holiday and you don't want me to make cookies? I think I even checked him for fever!

The next morning, I opened the box. A KitchenAid Professional Mixer was the surprise that awaited. He later explained that it was hard to resist the temptation of me making cookies, but he knew I'd be ticked that I worked a dough by hand when I could have let the machine do the work for me. I watched that thing take a half hour of mixing by hand and finish it in about two minutes.

Twelve years later:
Thousands of Cookies.
Hundreds of Cakes.
Dozens of Pizza Doughs.

The KitchenAid has died.

It's a testament to their durability that my favorite kitchen gadget has put up with the abuse I dish out in the name of feeding my family good food. Honestly, no other kitchen electric I've owned that gets this much use has lasted even five years. In fact, every heavy use electric in my kitchen comes from KitchenAid because that mixer did it all without complaint.

Thank you KitchenAid, you will be missed.


Cat@3KidsandUs said…
Aww that makes me sad. I got my one from my husband as a Christmas gift as well about two years ago. I don't know what I'd do if it died on me.
ligirl said…
R.I.P. Dear KitchenAid! Please accept my condolences!
Anonymous said…
no wait. Dont they have a lifetime guarantee? You can probably get it fixed :)
Suzanne said…
Nope, no lifetime guarantee. Boy, do I wish it did!

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