Pre Empted

Tonight's What's For Dinner Wednesday will be replaced by this special program, because I forgot to take pictures of my dinner tonight.

Last night, Ed told me a story of his youth.

Each week, he'd flip through the TV Guide to see what shows he'd get to see when he had the TV all to himself on Saturday mornings. This was in the years before TV Guide started their grid of all the major channel's programming. You had to look up the time, then see the 13-18 choices for that hour.

He would try in vain to find one particular program. Sometimes it'd be on WOR (Channel 9). Other times, WPIX (Channel 11). This particular program confused him. Why was it all over the dial, at all different times? Why couldn't he find it actually on the air?

For years, he was confused, because he never found it actually being broadcast. Tonight, we found it:

Ed informs me that this does not count, because something ELSE was on instead of "To Be Announced." He says that he pictures "To Be Announced" as a talk show, with a host behind a desk, similar to those public affairs shows that are aired on Sunday mornings.

Can anyone out there provide evidence that there's really a program "To Be Announced?"


LOL, too funny!
ligirl said…
Hah, ha ha!! Keep in mind though, this is coming from a person who, as child, stood at attention whenever "please stand by" appeared on the screen.
LceeL said…
Ed. Ed, Ed, Ed. Let me tell you about the Stork.
Joyce-Anne said…
I've seen that too.... lol

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