Not Quite Ready For Their Very Own Blog Posts...

I have germs of blog posts, but fatigue keeps me from writing the whole thing out. Instead you get the blog version of SNL's "not ready for prime time"

**Today was my first day in the field with the job. It's going to be just fine, if a little warm and toasty. In my travels, the people I did end up talking to all did NOT know the purpose of the census. Oops.

**I do secret shops of hospitality businesses, about one per month. Tonight, I repeated at a location I have been before. The reason for choosing tonight's location was because I was rather impressed with the other half of the operation. It was less than stellar. Oh, the food was good, but the service was meh and the atmosphere was about the same. If I had been a first time visitor, I wouldn't consider going back. Now I have to write it up.

**My blog remodel is nearly ready, and that means I will be buying a URL and looking at hosting. Those of you who are hosted, if you really like or hate your host, please pop me an email! I am totally screwed, because I told Giggles the tag line and she's going to bestow me with it. Crap.

**I get to do Orientation for USF tomorrow. Online, that is. Once I've completed orientation, I can SCHEDULE CLASSES!!!!!

**Do you really like meatloaf? Do you tolerate it? I'm in the latter camp, Ed's in the former, but we both have favorites from the recipes I posted over at MomDot today. Go check them out!

I get to sleep in tomorrow, and will probably be able to form a more suitable post on one topic tomorrow.

Night everybody!


Cat@3KidsandUs said…
You've been given the Fav Blog Pop!
You can grab your display code and register your pop for prizes here

Thanks for being one of my favorite blogs to come visit!
Jientje said…
I'm curious about the new blog!
Good luck on the new job!
Vixen said…
I love meatloaf, but only my moms. All others: not so much. But I will check out yours.

Can't wait to see the new digs!
Joyce-Anne said…
Can't wait to see the new digs. Oh, and stop goosing me. hehehe
Suzanne said…
Thanks, Cat! (Do you mind if Kim is my favorite today?)

Jientje, it'll be the same blog in new clothes. Oh, the review blog-it's up, but I need to put some more content on it before I put it in the links.

Vixen, thanks for considering my recipes.

Joyce, I'll stop goosing you when you stop putting your phone on vibrate! Hey, that would be a good tag for the new blog title, LOL!
Staci said…
Wow-you have tons going on. Can't wait to see the new look.

Oh, and I love meatloaf-but only my moms recipe!

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