Yep, it's almost midnight. I still hurt, but a ton less than 24 hours ago. Taking it easy was the best thing about today. The good Chinese food meal helped too-finally found an excellent non-buffet restaurant that makes a damn good Mongolian Beef. Yay!

Tomorrow, my quest is to find a dark chocolate bunny for Chef. Last year, I ordered Sees for both boys, but by the time I went to do the same this year (in the same time span prior to the holiday), they were SOLD OUT! At least he'll be happy with whatever candy is in his basket, but I feel I should still make some sort of effort.

Meanwhile, it's probably good that one kid likes dark, the other milk. One likes Krackels, the other Mr. Goodbar. Let's hope Hershey divides those somewhat equally. Then again, I hope they don't ;).

ETA-The verdict is, in one package of Hershey's Miniatures, you will find:
20 Hershey Bars
13 Special Dark
12 Krackels
14 Mr. Goodbars

which means there is no way to equally distribute the bag. Goody, oh wait, I meant darn!


I love the new format!
Janna Bee said…
Looks great!
Joyce-Anne said…
I love the new look!
Anonymous said…
Me...I would eat them till they were even lol
Laurie said…
Me I would eat them till they were even lol
Staci said…
My little one really wanted a chocolate bunny this year, and they were sold out when I went too...grr... Eating til they are even sounds like a perfect solution!

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