And Now, The End Is Near...

For the job, anyway. The assignment I'm on ends tomorrow because we've completed the task in six weeks, instead of the twelve we were told we'd be working.

It's been interesting. In all that time, the furthest my assignment has been has been about five miles from the house. I've had the chance to see up close some things that I'd driven by many, many times and wondered how they would look up close.

I've taken lots of pictures of flowers. today, a gentleman invited me to take a look down at the lake that abutted his property. I told him that his daily vista is what my family goes camping to enjoy, yet he lives less than a mile from my home.

Some pictures from today:
The beautiful view from that man's land:

I was invited into a greenhouse, too. After four weeks of toting the camera and taking pictures of dozens of flowers, it was so very cool to get a look at these:

When I was leaving the greenhouse, this fella was curious and came over to say hello and get a scratch on the nose.

It's been a cool few weeks.


LceeL said…
It's too bad it's over so quickly. That lake vista looks so inviting.
Joyce-Anne said…
I'm sorry the job is ending. :( Beautiful shots, though.

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