Making a Road Map of Sorts

I got an email from Game Teen's Scoutmaster a little while ago. Our Boy Scout Council is officially giving him modifications to attain Eagle Scout.

The only thing is-they don't know much about Asperger's Syndrome and have requested a list of the Eagle required merit badges and what modifications may be needed for them to review and approve.

My project between now and Tuesday night's meeting is to go through the list of 14 of the 15 badges and determine what is realistic for him to achieve and if a change is needed, what kind of change is necessary.

*The reason for 14 is that he's already earned one of the required badges, First Aid.*

In a sense, it will be like a road map for Game Teen's journey over the next few years. Normally, these leaders have motivated boys to have their Eagle at 14 or 15 years old. Game Teen now has no age limit-as long as he wants to do it, he is allowed.

The first one looks like one requirement would be too much for him to do by himself. The request we'll put in is to see if he can have another scout prompt him from his own written notes if he gets stuck.

Somehow, I suspect when Chef crosses over next year, if that modification is approved, he'll be working on Eagle required badges early on alongside his brother. So, in a sense, it's a road map for both boys.

While I'm still torn about leaving the old group, this drives home why we made the switch. They're proactive about Game Teen's needs.

There are many things in life we are not sure he'll be able to do. Thankfully, Eagle Scout has moved into the "completely possible" column. Sweet.


soounds like these leaders have a good grasp of Game Teen's needs.

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