Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

No matter how talented a musician is, you expect them to stick to their genre(s) and stay within what you've always heard from them. When performers break boundaries, it is rare that it is a pleasant experience. That is doubly so when they decide to cover another artist's work.

For instance, you expect bombastic torch songs from Celine Dion-not "Rock and Roll All Night" by Kiss. Michael Bolton? Whiny ballads, not a cover of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Similarly, you wouldn't expect Ozzy Osbourne to record Tim McGraw's "I Like It, I Love It" or Meatloaf to do his rendition of "Baby Got Back." Each of these have you shaking your head, don't they?

Yesterday, we went over to Orlando to meet up for breakfast with Donna. She was heading home after spending a couple of days with her niece and family. We agreed on meeting at a Cracker Barrel right off of Disney property.

Once in the door, we noticed the country music emanating from the speakers. Okay, we like country (well, Ed and I do-I can't vouch for Donna). Soon, we realized that it was Dolly Parton. Okay, she must have recorded a new album. In short order, we were seated and didn't hear any more of the music because the dining room was chock a block with patrons.

Then, when we were finished dining, a visit to the waiting room hit the mother lode of WTF music choices. As Donna and I waited for vacant stalls, Dolly warbled the Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy."

What were you thinking, Dolly? Did some producer think this was a good idea, or did you like the song and no one had the heart to tell you that it doesn't work? Dolly, you've made a career out of writing solid hits for yourself, why do something so out of your genre?

In any event, I feel a little sorry for Cracker Barrel staffers across the country. Every hour or so, that CD cycles through and they have endure a version of that song that will ruin the original for them.

And I have to wonder what Roland Gift, Andy Cox and David Steele thought when the royalty checks started showing up in their mailbox and they found out this version had been recorded and released to country music radio.

How about you? What songs do you think never should have been covered?


I cannot listen to Britney's cover of the Stones' "Satisfaction".
Staci said…
I'm so glad I haven't heard that one yet!

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