What's For Dinner Wednesday

Shrimp with Juice was tonight's meal. You're not familiar with that one?

That's what a 3 year old Chef would call Shrimp Scampi. I think that was the first sign I had that he would become the Crustacean Kid, because he asked for it often. At first, I didn't know what he meant by "Shrimp with Juice"

Now, I know better. I think it's Chef's favorite meal. Even better is handing Gameboy a plate and hearing an excited "You made Shrimp Scampi?" with a enthusiastic "THANKS!" You can't beat that.

Especially when it's a quick and easy meal to make!

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Jessi said…
Mmm, I could go for some Shrimp with Juice right now.
Vixen said…
Shrimp scampi is my favorite meal too! Now I know what I am cooking for dinner tonight.
Staci said…
Yummy! We had almost the same thing last night.

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