Update to Good, Bad, Interesting

I left you all hanging. The updates:

Good:Tomorrow is Game Teen's last day at his current school. Monday, he begins attending a self contained program that is extremely therapeutic. The intent is to provide students in the program with intensive therapy and social skills training so that they may return to a regular school. Academics will be completed via online units, which is probably better for Game Teen. He can study at his own pace.

The only bad part of it? School is from 7:30am to 1:30pm, but Game Teen has to be on the bus at 6am! I am NOT looking forward to getting up at 5:30 every morning. Hey, does USF have 7am classes?

Bad:Apparently, some of us will be reassigned to another canvassing group once we're done. It'll buy a little more time making decent money.

Leaving the old troop behind is bittersweet, because we like everyone involved in the organization. That said, all the leaders that came to this new troop are ones who have a really good rapport with Game Teen.

The new charter church had a "Welcome Home, Troop ****" for the boys arriving Tuesday night. Most of the faces were familiar. After pictures of the Charter Members out by that marquee, the meeting jumped right into things like voting on a slogan, voting on a senior patrol leader and voting on a slogan.

Game Teen came up with one I thought was fantastic slogan, "Blazing New Trails", which got 4 votes, but it wasn't chosen. He was rather comfortable in the new surroundings.

The best part is that before we'd even arrived on Tuesday night (or before I was apprised of the situation Monday night, even), the leaders who I'd mentioned had been so good with Game Teen were ALREADY crafting a game plan for him to attend camp this summer. At next week's meeting, we will be given a list prepared specifically for Game Teen of badges that he can do (with council approved modifications) while attending.

So interesting? Is pretty darn awesome in my book.


5:30? good thing you got the coffeepot....

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