Update on My Stupid Leg

The talk of My Stupid Leg (trademark pending) has been lacking lately. While I haven't been talking, it's still been hurting. The issue is and probably always will be the RSD. As I explained to a coworker today, my leg has a constant, low grade shock from toes to a couple of inches below the knee.

Was I crazy to return to work? In a word, yes. However, the finances outweigh the health a little more right now. This assignment will end around June 30th and I may or may not get picked up for the next one. We'll take it as it comes.

In the meantime, working is a double edged sword. Mentally, I need to do it, but the physical nature of it is rough. It is good for distracting me from the RSD issues, because the work itself is enjoyable. At the same time, the rest of my body is telling me in no uncertain terms that it does. not. like. this.

Next week, I have a medical appointment related to my appeal of SSDI. I let my boss know of my need to have a couple of hours off and why. I think he was taken aback that he had no clue that I had an issue or that it was the first he'd heard of it. The last thing I'm going to do is bitch about a health issue that I have no control over to someone who has less control over it!

Can I do this for three months? Yes. It'll probably get a little easier once my body gets used to being so active after being sedentary the past seven months. Could I do this permanently? Most definitely not.

I am looking forward to three days off. Not because I am sick of work, because that is most definitely not the case. No, I'm looking forward to it to give the RSD (and the aching bod) time to calm down.


Sara Bonds said…
That sounds just awful. It sounds like you deserve and desperately need those three days off, I hope get to enjoy them. :o)
Staci said…
I hope you got to rest a little on your days off. Good luck at your appointment!

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