Game Teen's Birthday at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Yep, I'm the mother of a teenager. It appears to have traumatized my friends more than me. I just can't believe how fast time flies.

Thanks to Disney, we celebrated Game Teen's Birthday by going to the park of his choosing yesterday:

Yes, he got a free ticket and chose dear old Mom to be the one to take him to the park for the day. We just had to show his birth certificate and we were set.

I got the usual paper one day ticket, but Game Teen got this nice momento of his birthday, along with a birthday pin:

The destination I had in mind, but Game Teen wanted to steer clear:

Meanwhile, he was all about getting a Simba Paw. They don't sell those anymore, so he now has a new favorite:

Road tripping in Dinoland. I think I need to teach the child that he can't drive while standing up!

My turn at the wheel:

On our way over to Festival of the Lion King, there was a LONG line for Lilo and Stitch. Meanwhile, Terk was off next to Pizzafari with NO ONE waiting to meet her. She gave Game Teen a couple of birthday kisses and a big hug.

The weather was perfect for our travel to the Harambe Wildlife Preserve. Heck, even the Hippos got out of the water for a change!
I was able to get someone to take a picture of the two of us before I went to meet up with the Yeti a second time.

See? We're in Asia!

On the path of the Yeti:

The day was lots of fun, with lots of walking. I think we were both happy to see this sign, for it signaled that our journey was almost over:

Once home, Game Teen chose a dinner at Applebees and a Carvel Cake.

Somehow, I netted the day down into one minute for your viewing enjoyment...


sounds like a great day.

you couldn't get him on everest? it's a great ride!
Laurie said…
Looks like a fun day and a busy one!

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