Weekly Winners

For as many pictures as I take, I never participated in Weekly Winners. Most of my friends in the blogosphere do, but I usually can't wait to share my pictures as I take them. Not this week-I've got plenty to share that haven't been posted.

Thank you, WalMart Beyond ElevenMoms-a movie night package:

The drive in:

The drive in to work:

Orange groves in Auburndale:

Flowers outside the meeting spot:

My new favorite picture of Gameboy:

If you'd like to see more winners, visit Lotus!


Tara R. said…
Fabulous shots of the sky... stunning.
Popping in from WW

Thanks for sharing!
Yay for Twilight!
hip chick said…
Great pictures. Looks like a fun movie night.
Laurie said…
Awesome pics, I love sky pictures I have a few hundred and none of them are alike.
Staci said…
Very pretty! I love the flowers!

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