The winning streak continues. For the past month, I've been entering Kim at What's That Smell's giveaway for this:

It's the same coffee pot that I saw on someone else's blog and went over to MomDot to try to win it. It's the coffee pot that will end the science experiments that good old Mr. Coffee has had to endure for the past few years since I decided I like coffee. (but not enough to drink an entire pot)

I went nuts on Kim's contest. She offered extra entries to blog, so I did. Each day, you could list five K cups that you want to try. You name it, if I could do it for an entry, I did. 171 times. The rules stated you could not repeat a K cup flavor, and there are a lot of them, so I started a spreadsheet, which is why I knew the number of times I did it.

A lot of people entered that contest. There were almost 3700 entries, which means I had almost 5% of them. So statistically, I had a 1 in 20 chance of winning the thing, but Murphy tends to award things to the person who entered once.

Not today.

We even joked last week about the number of entries I had, and that Blog Smog ad? I said that it would be me WHEN I got MY Keurig ! Yeah, just a little cocky. Being persistent paid off, though.

I have one question after this though-

Who wants coffee? It'll be ready in a jiffy at my place. :D


Mike Golch said…
I'll be right over for a cuppa of Joe.Hugs.
Jientje said…
Enjoy it!
Vixen said…
You lucky lady!
Joyce-Anne said…
Whoo-hoo! I could use a nice, hot cup right now. The wind today is so wild, it's freezing here.
Staci said…
Congrats! You will love it! I was just drinking a cup from mine!
Laurie said…
Almost makes me wish I was a coffee drinker! Maybe if its decaf
Saffa Chick said…
Mmmm coffee. I'm rationed at the moment, but those one or two espresso/hot milk things each week? Divine!

Congrats on winning!

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