Say What?

Lately, it seems that I've had things I needed to do or fulfill and strangely, something entirely different happens.

Two examples-
The first: I applied to participate in a Foodie Blogger Web Ring last fall. At the time, I was turned down, because my content wasn't 50% food. It still isn't, but it's more than it had been when they turned me down.

I understand the criteria, so I wasn't too upset about it.

Then, in the past week, I've received three MEMBER emails from this particular web ring. One stating that they've got a waiting list of applicants, with a tone that implied that it was going to those already within the ranks.

Hello, guys? I didn't make your ranks, and if I somehow slipped through-YOU DIDN'T TELL ME! If you had, I probably would have made an effort to post more food related stuff!

Still confused on that one!

The second: In order to register for classes at USF, all incoming students must complete orientation either online or at the campus of enrollment. As the on campus date conflicts with taking Gameboy (soon to be GameTeen) to WDW for his free birthday admission, I opted for the online version.

April 1st rolls around and I register for the online version. What this means is that I'll watch some streaming videos and then take a test. Once I pass the test, I can register for classes this summer.

So, I get an email today "Congratulations on completing your orientation!" from the woman scheduling it. Small problem-I sent an email to SCHEDULE it!

(I'll be fine, I read the manual and hey, I conducted orientations at the previous college, so it should be enough)

Anyone else want to send me a confusing email that implies I did/earned/won something, like say 10 million dollars?


tara said…
If somebody sends you 10 million dollars, send them my way!! :D Those emails are funny!
Janna Bee said…
Well, I am sure Prince Abdullahad is ready to give you an inheritance of 10 million, just send him 1,000 for the shipping and insurance costs.
Staci said…
I get emails offering 10 million all the time, just wire something to Bank of the Shady first.

Hope you get all the confusion worked out!

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