Good News, Bad News, Interesting News

Today was filled with news of all sorts, and tomorrow will have some more.

The Good:Tomorrow morning, we have yet another meeting at Game Teen's school. This time, we convene to review the results of observations and testing. Game Teen's main teacher told me Friday that "we got what Game Teen needs", which means he's been approved for the self contained setting in another school. This is good news, no it's GREAT news. He'll probably transition next Monday-but we'll know more tomorrow.

The Bad: We're doing such a good job in this phase of the Census that I'll be out of a job in a week to two weeks. Bummer.

The Interesting: Last week, at Game Teen's scout meeting, there was a strange announcement/apology issued by one of the leaders. It wasn't an apology, per se, more of a "I did this and some people were offended. I'm sorry if this upset some of you."

As Game Teen didn't attend the activity when this incident occurred, I was confused, but figured it didn't really affect us. It does. I got the rest of the story today and as a result, we will be attending the first meeting of a new troop tomorrow.

It will be strange meeting in a different place with familiar leadership and many of the same boys.


daysgoby said…
The good is AWESOME, the bad worrying but if you did a great job, maybe there's more you can do (perhaps in a different location?)and BOOOO! to the interesting, which sounds veiled and nasty. Will it be hard on Game Boy switching places (scout troops) and schools at the same time?
Suzanne said…
Jess, the Bad is supposedly not as bad as it sounds. I'm not holding my breath, but I've been told I may be reassigned to another project.

The Interesting? The new troop contains many of the same boys and leaders of the old one. What makes me switch without batting an eye is that the two leaders who have invested the most in Game Teen are heading up the new troop.

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