Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Once again, I had several ideas for today's post, but Sunday rolled around and they are gone like the wind. One thing that has bounced around for a while, though, is favorite 'name' songs, so we'll go that route.

When I started at the college radio station, various jocks had their carts to drop in during their shows. My idea never made it to fruition, though I did some of the editing work. I took all the songs featuring Sue, Suzie or Suzanne and was going to make a audio montage. (It'd probably be even easier to do that now, wouldn't it?)

As long as there's been recorded music, artists have written songs about women. Some of my favorites among those:

Ariel-Dean Freedman
Ariel-October Project
Veronica-Elvis Costello
Layla-Derek and the Dominoes
Take Him Back, Rachel-Basia
Wake Up, Little Susie-Everly Brothers (easily my favorite of the songs with my name)
Oh, Sherry-Journey
Rhiannon-Fleetwood Mac
Amie-Pure Prairie League
Cecelia-Simon and Garfunkel
Clair-Gilbert O'Sullivan
Vincent-Don McLean
Laura-Billy Joel
Jeremy-Pearl Jam
Suite Judy Blue Eyes-Crosby, Stills and Nash
Buddy Holly-Weezer
Louie Louie-Kingsmen

How about you? What are your favorite name songs?


LOL Suzanne, WCBS had a "name" weekend this weekend.

You named most of my favorites, but there are a lot more you could add to the list. How bout "Jack & Diane"? then there's "Hey there Delilah", "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", the Stones' "Angie", Tony Orlando's "candida". I'm sure I could name more...
Suzanne said…
Crap! Forgot Angie and Bad Bad Leroy Brown! Angie was the very first single I owned. I also forgot Maggie May, but I was looking at the clock and choking on this tonight!

Believe it or not, not a huge Mellencamp fan, and Candida wasn't a favorite, either.
ligirl said…
Bernadette - Four Tops
Help me, Rhonda - Beach Boys
Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
Gloria - U2

I'm sure there's more...I'll be back later, I'm sure!
daysgoby said…
"Sweet Baby James" James Taylor
'Little Liza Jane' Stringbean(my bluegrass roots are showing!)
'Cathy's Clown' The Everly Brothers
'Polly Come Home Again' Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
'Me and Mrs Jones' Billy Paul
'Mary Mac' Great Big Sea
'Oh Donna' Richie Valens
'Anna Ng' They Might Be Giants
Laurie said…
I don't think I listen to enough music, but I love some of the oldies yet I was born in 1973 and grew up listening to the 80's. But Buddy Holly Everyday I like that one just to give you an idea. I love the 60's
Bama Cheryl said…
Sherri by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - surprised no one mentioned this one before. It was the first with even a hint of my name in it!
how about "Runaround Sue" and "sweet Caroline"? or Jim Croce's "You don't mess around with Jim"?

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