Science Project, Take Three

Chef's Science project? I'm hoping the third time is the charm.

First draft-He wanted to study how tidal waves form, since we talked about the science behind it in the wave pool at Aquatica. No dice, that's a model says his teacher.

Strike two-Aunt Giggles came up with a great concept-Do plants breathe from the top of the leaves or the bottom? A friend added a third question, the stem. Four plants were purchased, vaseline was applied to the appropriate part and a control had nothing on it.

For the first week, he was good about watering and making observations. Problem was, he didn't measure the plants. Then, he skipped a day of watering. Then three or four. It's kind of hard to produce results when you're not doing them. I'm a mean mom-I refuse to do the work for his grade because I already passed fourth grade.

Today, he came back with grades on two parts of the project. Zero for one, 50 for the other. The final project is due Thursday.

Yes, the day after tomorrow.

As is typical, the kid expected Mom to bail him out. I wouldn't. We went to the bookstore to get ideas, found one and I made him make graphs and a thesis statement tonight to show the teacher tomorrow for something that can be completed in one night.

Of course, this had to happen on a night that I got approval to do three hours of data entry work at home to allow me more time in the field during daylight hours on stuff that has to be completed there. So I'm still doing MY homework at 11:30.

Grumble, grumble, grumble. I can't wait for that Keurig to be on my front porch, because I surely could use that cup of coffee at 7pm!


Mike Golch said…
h the joys of being a parent.I drove my batty with my project so lang ago.
Staci said…
What a pain-I can imagine so many restrictions for a kids project. I'm not looking forward to school starting!

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