Uh Oh, We Created a Cell Phone Monster!

What do you get when you finally give a nine year old boy the cell phone you've been discussing for months?

A kid who wants to call his aunt at 11am to tell her when dinner will be ready.

A kid who already had the phone to his ear as we were walking out of scouts tonight, to tell Daddy we'll be home in about a half hour.

A kid who tells you that his first text looked like "67w 3203 r429w" because he hasn't figured out how to change the letters yet. (He was trying to text How's it going? to his best friend. Yes, they both have unlimited texting!)

A kid who was told to call you if he needed anything when you decided to run to the store. He didn't but he ran out to the car to show me his cellphone PLAYS MUSIC, Mom! (Sony put a walkman feature in his phone)

A kid who tells you he wants to find the Phineas and Ferb theme for a ringtone. Unless his Dad figures out how to record his goofy "You need to answer the phone" sound bite.

He's over the moon happy about it. So far, he's adhering to our ground rules, and it's making life easier on a couple of fronts. The best friend's family invited him to go out for dinner-one call home and he was good to go.

He wanted to play at another friends and it was getting close to dinner. He was tickled that we said he could and we'd call when he needed to come home, because pre cell phone, he would have been told he couldn't go out so close to dinner time.

So far, it looks like it was a wise decision to get one-on both sides of the phone.

How long before he calms down on wanting to call relatives at ungodly hours?


the novelty will wear off...sort of...in a few weeks. but be forewarned, once he figures out how to text...you will forever see him thumbing that key board.
Anonymous said…
What you are going thru is why I'm thinking of just getting my kiddo a firefly phone. 2 buttons -- one to call Dad and one to call Mom.

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