This Is What $414.90 of Knowledge Looks Like

I picked up my books today. Three classes down-my Issues in Music text is backordered, as are the text for two of the fall classes.

In a case of "yes, we want you, no we don't. Oh wait, we changed we minds again!", I go back to work tomorrow. For one week. I'll take whatever comes my way right now, but I did see a job prospect in an unlikely place. Flexible schedule, too.

The shuttle went up today. I'm sure if you're a space geek, you were watching TV or NASA's website. I was outside, looking towards the east coast. Alas, there were lots of clouds keeping me from seeing this launch. Bummer.

I had a meeting with a social worker about Game Teen today, basically to update some of the standardized psych profiles. What should have taken an hour took three and a half. She was really nice, but overly locquatious. As a result, I got to the college to pick up my books at 1:10-and the book pickup hours were 9-1 and 4-7.

I took advantage of being on that side of town and visited with Bob and Maureen for a while. Then I grabbed dinner and headed out to scouts with Chef Jr.

I feel smarter already.


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