I Must Seriously Have a Target on My Back

My laptop is screwed up. Big time screwed up. Like in, half the keys won't work screwed up.

The thing is FOUR months old. I noticed something wonky as I was typing up my notes as I was listening to my Art History lecture, in that it wouldn't let my highlight and delete text. Then, the M wasn't showing up. Try explaining to Monet why he's known as 'onet' in my notes, because I can't right now.

The backspace button stopped working. And delete, and the l and oh, most of the letters in my password. That's a big problem when you've password protected you laptop so that the 13 year old Game Teen doesn't infect the darn thing with a virus. Oh, and I'll shut it down (as in shut down, not reboot), but it restarts itself.

I get the impression, from everything I've heard about Best Buy, is that they'll tell me 'too bad, so sad, you should have bought our highway robbery protection plan', even though the thing is still under warranty. Either that, or Toshiba will tell me to send it out to them and they'll get it back to me in 3 to 4 weeks. I can't go most of the summer session without the machine.

The college offers repair services, but only guarantees they can fix models they sell. Crapity crap crap.

My tech support is in the hospital. I'm not going anywhere near him with the creeping crud I am dealing with at the moment. He does not need bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection on top of everything else.

At least I can get on his machine to do some work, but not everything.

Now do you understand why I am constantly looking over my shoulder, wondering what the hell else is going to happen? I am a marked woman lately.


dyanna said…
I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.
Anonymous said…
i hope you're feeling better. i was in your shoes last fall when things kept happening -- for a month -- that i couldn't surmount. eventually, though, it passed. hoping it all gets better soon!!!
LceeL said…
Sounds to me like there's an electrical problem going on in there. Try taking the battery out and running 'plugged in' to see if that makes any difference.
Suzanne said…
Lou, it's not even booting without the battery in. No lights on the front or anything.

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