It's official. I start college next week. Three classes, one web based, two that meet on campus ONCE a week. (What's up with that? I thought we had to meet more than that!)

In addition, when a certain class in my major is added to the schedule tomorrow or Monday, I can register for the fall session, too. By December, I'll have 22 credits in. Possibly 26, if during the first week of the fall session I think I can handle one more class in the schedule.

The books for four of those classes totalled more than 500 bucks, and that's for used texts, no math or sciences in the mix. Am I going for buybacks when the semester is over? Heck, yeah!

It's an interesting mix of classes. There were two that fulfilled the requirements that really tweaked me, but they met on Monday nights. So much for that, we've got Scouts. Internet Ethics sounded REALLY interesting, perhaps I can get that in before I graduate.

Instead, I've got China Today, Intro to Art History, Children's Literature and three classes in my major. If I can add another class to the fall semester, it'll be either Sign Language or Spanish, since I need 8 to 10 language credits to graduate.

Probably the best thing of all is that if I get a job, the schedule I have will have minimal impact on a normal M-F 8-5 schedule.

Now that I've got all the paperwork in hand, this finally feels real.


Saffa Chick said…
woohoo! Fantastic ;-)

And I hope you are (all) feeling better. Colds totally suck.
LceeL said…
Buying books at the college level REALLY bites. They are SO expensive. Well done, you - just make sure you keep those grades up or no TV for you.
Suzanne said…
Saffa, thanks. This cold is the uninvited guest that won't leave!

Lou, I have three men in this house, therefore, I don't have control of the TV! I'll keep the grades up because I'll need really good grades to even attempt scholarships for the Master's program!

My advisor called this morning. Only 6 people registered for China Today-instead, I'm taking Issues in Music. Should be interesting.

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