Conversations To Funny Not to Share

A Glimpse into the humor that you'll find early in the morning when you find both me and my brother in law checking out Facebook. Joe was in the mood for some pancakes, fixated on them, even. The wife and kids were asleep. This is what transpires:

Any precaution needed. I'm back, pored my coffee. 3 sleepin' slackers, 2 spoons of suger, and a hubbie that wants to go to ihop

and im not in a pear tree

At 6 in the morning my brother in law said to me

12 days of xmas....hunger is setting in


I should just go. It's called Ihop not wehop or theyhop,or wait til they wake up hop.




IHOP should hire peter cottontail and hop the f&#* over here with some pancakes

that I'd pay to see!

Had a great burger sun. and awesome Calamari yesterday

shhh, Chef will nag me for some if he knows you had it [editor's note-Chef and Uncle Big Joe will conspire on what seafood they're consuming when they get together]

Tues is MCDonalds

Tell him it was fra dialvo...tossed

tonight it's chicken ala king, because we have not had a home cooked meal in a week, and I really can't afford that

oh, if I do[tell him Uncle Big Joe had Calamari], I am really screwed

and now, we make a 45 degree turn on a tangent, because he's read the blog...

If your Neti pot is blue you could get an emblem and make it a Meti pot

I should save all ofthis, filter it down to musings from my BIL-instant blog post


I gotta put on my play clothes.still in suit and tie (he had to work overnight)
b right back

okay, gotta wake the kid-his alarm didn't work

just went into the kitchen and found that Game Teen ate my leftover asiago roast beef sandwich. Horseradish for breakfast, mmmm

ahhh, cough medicine is kicking in-I just got warm and queasy

warm good queasy not

horseradish always good

codeine always makes me queasy, but it works, so I take it

I lived with it(the queasies) for a year and a half when I was on the vicodin
and you know we like horseradish when there's three jars in the fridge

This week on tasty tuesday: Horseradish marinaded Pharmoceuticals with neti pot broth and Staph ooze for dessert.

now you're queasy


that is NOT helping my queasiness!

and Chef is complaining his stomach hurts. He's the kid who doesn't try to get out of school


but you have a better excuse for queasiness

go be mommmy. I'm gonna try to accidently wake everybody up. Where's my bullhorn? talk to you later.

enjoy your pancakes-don't forget to use some boysenberry syrup

I'm having magical wish pancakes. I'm gonna wish I had pancakes.

Times like these, it sucks that we live 1200 miles apart. Either Chef could have made his pancakes with pears, caramelized onions and asiago cheese sauce, or I could have whipped up the camp favorite pecan pancakes. Bet Joe is STILL wishing for those pancakes!


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