Amazon to the Rescue

The day I registered for Issues in Music, I ordered the textbook from the college bookstore. It was back ordered, and the professor said this is a common situation with his course.

Fortunately, there aren't weekly deadlines for assignments, like my Art History class. As long as all the work is turned in by July 15th, it's fine. So, I wasn't sweating it too much.

Last Thursday, I was getting a little antsy, so I looked on eBay and found a few copies of the text-for one quarter the price for a new book. This appealed to me, especially since Ed won't be working for another couple weeks.

I got outbid, but Ed to the rescue. "Did you try Amazon?" Actually, I hadn't thought of it. There was the book-no bidding, same great price. I've purchased from one of the sellers in the past, so that made my decision for me.

Of course, the book is paid for and should show up on Wednesday or Thursday. What shows up in my email this morning? A message that my book has arrived at the college and can be picked up tomorrow.

I think I need to look for the out of stock textbooks for next semester's classes on Amazon!


LceeL said…
Amazon and eBay the same price? That's cool. I will keep that in mind as #3 Son starts college this Fall.

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