New Adventures

This evening, we dropped Game Teen off to go on his first camping trip with the new Scout Troop. A troop of 20 boys and 18are attending this weekend. (One is sick and the other had a prior commitment.)

It's so cool to see boys who already impressed me start anew and step up their game even more. They're geared up for the weekend and are ready for rain and a ten mile hike. With the new troop, 'boy led' is still infused with a lot of adult input. The goal is for all the boys to have a merit badge by the end of the weekend. An Eagle required one, ka chow!

Our first activity post departure was a dinner for three. It seems weird to only have one kid, but sometimes it's good. Heck, next year, we'll be sending both boys on these camping weekends. That, my friends, will be very strange.

I think Chef liked having just the two of us for dinner, kibbitzing about the food, and getting all the attention.

Like I didn't miss his misreading of a sign on the wall "Kellogg's BRAIN Flakes". We think that it might have been a Soylent Green product. Might have missed that comment if there were two kids at the table.

On tap for the rest of the weekend is a possible viewing of Up at the drive in. Cross your fingers that the rain holds off until after 10:00pm tomorrow.

These weekends are good for all of us.


ligirl said…
Just returned from a matinee of "Up". I know you will love it!

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