Some updates:

The laptop: We have a Toshiba authorized repair center right here in Lakeland. I dropped up my laptop Tuesday afternoon, they ordered a keyboard, and called me at 11am yesterday to tell me it was fixed. Yes, it's definitely a new keyboard-the old one had a shiny spot on the space bar because I rest my thumb there.

The bronchitis: I caught this thing very early. The tightness in the chest that is a hallmark of the sickness hadn't even set in when I saw the doctor. No, that happened a day later. It's slowly improving, as I no longer have the feeling that I will cough up a lung. The neti pot is getting much more gunk out of my nose. My earlier C has been upgraded to a B.

The husband: The best update of all-HE IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!!!!! A week of Levoquil and probably two weeks at home.

The sucky part is the sister in law who has the same infections and didn't bother to tell us, and the worry we have on how we'll pay things without a paycheck coming in. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

If you'll excuse me, I have to finish being the secretary to Chef and finish typing his report on Virginia.


ligirl said…
Welcome home, Ed!
DoeWDW said…
Excellent news all around!! YAY!! I hope everyone is feeling all better soon.
- Doreen in PA
glad to hear the good news!

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