When you own a Beetle, you witness a phenomenon fairly frequently, that of the "Punchbuggy". You know it, right? It's the game where the first person to see a Beetle (new or classic) punches the person close to them and says "Punchbuggy (color of beetle), no punch backs."

It's common with the under 12 set, but I have seen adults do it, too. I don't need to hear them to tell what they're saying. Seeing this makes me chuckle.

My kids, because they usually are ferried around in a Beetle, never really knew of the game. Until recently, that is. Chef Jr has been in the car a couple of times lately with his best friend, and his best friend's family is big on playing punchbuggy.

Tonight, we're driving to scouts and a block from our house, Chef punches me in the arm and says "Yellow punchbuggy, no punch backs." He did not listen to my argument that the owner/driver of a Beetle is immune to Punchbuggys. He told me that I was not immune.

Poor kid. He didn't realize that I knew of at least five Beetles that were parked along our route.

Punchbuggy Luna Blue, no punch backs!
Punchbuggy, Yellow, no punch backs!
Punchbuggy Blue, no punch backs!

I felt bad for him and pointed out the green one behind us at a traffic light.

I think he'll stick to playing punchbuggy when he's with his friends!


LOL, my girls played that game for years! now we play a similar game, "banana", where the object is to spot a yellow car --- but it does not involve touching anyone else in the car. you know that I am happy about that.
petit said…
My kids play this game all the time in the car, it drives me nuts when they punch me while driving, but then I get them back, haha!
LceeL said…
I would have got him with the punchbuggy ocean liner.

When I was a kid, it was empty Lucky Strike packages laying on the ground. You'd step on it and say, "Lucky Strike, can't strike back" as you bruised your buddy's upper arm with your knuckles. Of course, back then people didn't use garbage cans. They just threw stuff on the ground. Pigs.

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