Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

The Music of Sisters

As one of eight kids, each sibling had their own musical identity. For the most part, there weren't too many issues when someone had control of the stereo, but everyone had their distinct contributions.

Giggles was no exception. As the youngest, I think she suffered the most of not having time to spin her own records, but she definitely had her opinions. Her first favorite was Barry. One Christmas, she was very happy to get not one, but TWO Barry Manilow double albums from Dad.

Later on, it was Duran Duran. She was definitely the changeling, preferring Z-100 to the rock stations. Car trips with her and my Dad after I'd moved out were interesting-they'd alternate between my Dad's jazz standards and her Top 40 choices. We took a trip to visit another sister in Pennsylvania one holiday, and it was funny to see the banter between them, ribbing each other about their musical tastes.

Today, though, there's another song to associate with Giggles. It's very stoic and majestic, not at all like her usual listening pleasures (which have ventured far beyond Top 40).

Want to hear it? I wish I was there to hear it in person, but having it here on the blog will have to do. (Besides, I don't think she wants my icky bronchitis germs nearby right now)

Hats off to Giggles, college graduate! She earned a 3.97 in Microbiology, in 2 1/2 years. Those grades were earned carrying a 20-25 credit course load each semester. Summa Cum Laude in 30 months? In Science? That's mighty impressive.

Congrats, Kathi. We're very proud of you!


Joyce-Anne said…
Congrats Kathi!!!

Feel better soon, Suzanne. Please take care of yourself.

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