On Campus

Last Monday, I dropped off my immunization forms at USF and tried to schedule my appointment with my advisor. She was booked solid, but I was given her number to see when I can get in to see her. I called her as I was leaving the campus Monday morning.

She called back Wednesday, and repeated that she was booked up, but that walk ins began on Monday. I asked when the best time to come in would be. Monday was no good because of commencement, Tuesday was full of meetings. "Come in Wednesday". Okay, works for me.

I dragged my butt out of bed and got over to the campus at 11:15. The secretary informed me that she'd just gone back with a student, there was another waiting there and that would take her right up to lunch time. Can you come back at 1:30?

At least I could go pick up my ID, which I did. Then I tried to sack out in the car, because I was whipped. I spent twenty minutes debating whether I should drive up to CVS for something to take the rock out of my throat. Eventually, I decided to go and got back to the campus at 1pm.

To me, it made sense to wait in the office and ensure the first spot when my advisor returned from lunch.

At 1:30, the secretary called back-and found that she hadn't eaten lunch yet and had a 2pm meeting. Can you come back tomorrow?


At least I got my ID. Not bad for being sick, but not my best effort:

Back over to the campus at 9am. It's good practice for driving every day, beginning Monday.


daysgoby said…
How exciting!

(And you're so beautiful, too!)

Best of luck as you start, hon, this is going to be great!
Joyce-Anne said…
awww, your nose is red...
Woo Hoo! Go Bulls!

(My husband went to USF and I grew up in Tampa.)

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