Less Stress, In Theory

Today I had chauffeur duty. I'll also have it again next week.

That means that my life is *supposed* to calm down. Instead, it means that someone is going to assume that I will drive hither, thither and yon to whatever doctor's appointments she may have. I'm sure it does, because the discharging nurse told her that she had to follow up with no less than four doctors.

Small problem-she's on painkillers. She will fall asleep at the wheel when she is on pain medication (and may or may not have done so already). Soooo, this means that no one in that household is currently able to drive or holds a driver's license.

Other than Mom asking me to take her for an outpatient procedure tomorrow, I was not asked if I was free to be chauffeur. It was assumed that I would do it. This has happened before. Each time, she calls the doctor last minute to cancel. If that were you or me, we'd incur a 25 dollar charge for not giving 24 hour notice.

Last month, i started cooking dinner for them. This cost me an additional 40-50 bucks a week in groceries, but when I stated this, I was blown off. It seems that when something inconveniences others, that's not her concern. The already tight financial picture is squeezed even tighter, thus I cannot be expected to provide meals for others. Soon enough, we'll be eating lots of spaghetti and hot dogs.

I am done. I'm not doing it, and Ed is not in any shape to do it. We've decided we will sit down and decide exactly what we are willing to do and what we will not. It's time for some tough love.

After having two friends tell me to cut them off months ago, and two others tell me that I am over reacting, the recent events has everyone on the same page. I really AM listening to all of you.

Too bad the parties involved won't listen to me.


tough love....try it. you've got too much on your plate with your own household, you don't need more headaches.
daysgoby said…
Sending you light, and love.

Closing ranks might help. Maybe. Make sure you're both on the same page, because if you go back?? She's found your hotspot!
DoeWDW said…
I'm with songbird. You need to take care of you and your immediate family first, and that's plenty right now. They will survive and they will learn to fend for themselves.
- Doreen in PA
Grandy said…
Oh hun...I've been absent for way too long. Be strong, and be true to yourselves. That's what will get you through.

The site is looking great, by the way. (for whatever that's worth)
Joyce-Anne said…
Let's talk later, I'll call you.

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