Tips For Viewing a Movie at the Drive In

Chef Jr and I went to the drive in tonight to see Up. Some pointers for those not familiar with drive ins, of which I am still a novice.

1. Check your radio's ability to tune in the FM band before leaving the house. If it doesn't work, choose a row that has speakers.
Ed has been telling me for months my radio doesn't work. I can get the three stations I listen to, so I thought he was pulling my leg. He wasn't. If not for the van next to me and the SUV behind me, I would not have been able to hear the movie.
2. If you need to use the speakers/have windows open to listen to the movie, bring bug spray.
I am covered in mosquito bites. Chef? Not a one.
3. If you have them, bring a blanket or camp chairs if you want front row viewing.
If we had known about 1 and 2 ahead of time, I think this one would have made the movie even better.
4. Get there early to ensure a good spot.
Our first attempt to visit the Silver Moon two years ago for another Disney movie resulted in us being turned away a half hour before showtime. Tonight, we got there nearly an hour before the movie began and had our pick of the spots. The kids can run around in front of the screen. Bring a ball for them to toss around.
5. If you get hungry, the snack bar is close at hand.
We ate dinner before heading in, but the drive in makes their money off those pizzas, hot dogs, popcorn and beer. (The Silver Moon gives free refills on the popcorn. Sweet!)

Oh, and the last one:
6. If you're going to see Up, bring your tissues.
It was a great movie, with a fantastic storyline, but trust me, you WILL cry unless you have a heart like the Grinch.


Night Owl Mama said…
I so miss the drive in.
stoppin by from the great blog linkathon to say hello
I'm #85
ligirl said…
Sorry to hear about your audio troubles! But mosquito bites and kids running around in front of the screen? Gaaaah! Doesn't sound like my cup of tea. I'll take the old-fashioned, air-conditioned Multiplex any day!
Anonymous said…
I loved going to drive in movies. They should bring them back. It's really a family experience to remember.

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